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Meet Kristen Zihmer

Kristen is a life-long Carroll County resident, mother of two, local small business owner and active community member. Kristen is passionate about education, community, and public service. She ardently supports family and community values as a staple for education. Keeping Carroll County among the best places in the nation to start and raise a family, prepare for, and ultimately pursue a career are her top priorities. Kristen will always stand up for Carroll County!  

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Strengthening Partnerships:  

Parents, teachers and community members should each have a voice and work collaboratively in decisions that affect our students and their ability to lead in the future workforce.


Empowered parents and guardians are the center of quality schools. Parental and familial participation enhances academic performance and  positively influences attitude and behavior. 

It is critical that curriculum and policies are forthright and transparent, and that parents are involved in the process. Their participation is a necessity and should be encouraged by a school board! 


Classroom teachers are the backbone of our school system. Our teachers deserve to be rewarded and respected every day. It is critical that we continue to recruit and retain the best. 

Teachers should be provided with the necessary resources to ensure each student may achieve academic excellence and be supported by a school board who values them.


True community enriches the lives of its members. Partnering with Carroll County's greater community members and organizations can help students both cultivate relationships and expand feelings of connectedness.

Increased access to mentoring, educational and career opportunities, and family support are just a few of the overwhelmingly positive benefits. 

A school board working hand in hand with community leaders, including our County Commissioners and Local Delegation, will result in effective and productive outcomes.

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Academic Excellence

All students should be challenged to reach their highest potential. Lowering the bar does not help any student achieve success.

Curriculum must be fact based without bias, and should encourage students to think independently and critically. Supplemental materials should be age and grade appropriate, and properly vetted.

College and career readiness should be expanded with opportunities for the trades: skills-based education, apprenticeships, and licenses. 

Keep the bar high, and reward those who exceed the standard.

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School Safety

If students and educators are to achieve their full potential, schools must be safe and feel safe. Students, teachers, staff, and parents should all feel protected in all educational environments.


Carroll County is fortunate to have a nationally recognized Student Resource Officer (SRO) Program. An officer's presence will shield children from outside dangers that potentially threaten schools. Specially selected SROs also build relationships with students, act as mentors, and create a positive environment within the school.

Future expansion of this program, as the population within Carroll County Schools continues to grow, will further safeguard 

and protect our students and teachers. 


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